Undyed Tilapia Crust, New Website Features

For the last couple of weeks I have been busy trying to improve this website, by making it easier to navigate through all the different types of fish leather we have available. All leathers can now be viewed with clear images and prices, making it easier to compare and find the perfect leather for you. Next to that I have been busy finding more undyed fish leather crusts, for the creative leather tanners amongst you.

The website is now divided into two finishes of fish leather, glazed and suede leathers. View all the glazed leathers here, and all the suede leathers here. Next to that I have created a section for unusual finishes and special offers, keep an eye on this if you are looking for a good deal as more offers will following, including fish leather combination sets.

From now on, we will also be selling undyed tilapia leather crusts, after the positive feedback from customers about the carp leather crust. The great advantage of tilapia is that it is easier to work with, making it ideal for first time fish leather users. So if you like to experiment with tanning leather, take a look at these tilapia leather crusts.

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