Undyed Carp Leather Crust

The process of making fish leather out of fish skins, is long and complicated, and requires  skills and knowledge. There is a strong secrecy surrounding the tanning methods used by the main fish leather manufacturers, as a strong yet soft leather is not easy to make at all.

As a full time crafter, I would love to make my own fish leather, but I do not have the knowledge required for the first part of the tanning process.  I therefor looked for an alternative and came across undyed fish leather crust. These leathers have gone through the first part of the tanning process and still require another cycle of tanning to be suitable for use.

The undyed carp leather that is now available in the shop, is a strong and hard leather crust, that does not have any colour yet. This leather crust is ideal for experimenting with tanning fish leather, to create your own unique leather.



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