Size Classifications Explained

Due to the naturally occuring size variations present in the fish leathers we sell, we think it’s fairer to offer you the option between small, medium, large and extra large fish leathers where possible. The breakdown on how we decide on the size of individual leathers by species is as follows.


The Tilapia Fish Leather is available in the sizes small, medium and large. I have classified these skins mainly by their width, as this will chiefly effect the space that can be used. Compared to the other fish shapes, tilapia has a large working area.


Width: between 8.3cm (3 1/4″) and 10cm (4″).
Length: between 23.5cm (9 1/4″) and 28cm (11″).

Width: between 10cm (4″) and 11.5cm (4 1/2″).
Length: between 25cm (10″) and 30cm (1ft).

Width: between 11.5cm (4 1/2″) and 13cm (5 1/8″).
Length: between 25cm (10″) and 30cm (1ft).

Extra Large
Width: between 13cm (5 1/8″) and 14.5cm  (5 3/4″).
Lenght: between 28cm (11″) and 35cm (13 3/4″).


The carp skin leather is available in the sizes small, medium and large.  They vary in length as well as width. The sizes within the size category will show minor differences in size, but sometimes the tail will be smaller or the middle wider.

Carp Fish Leather Size

Length: between 35cm (13 3/4″) and 45cm (17 3/4″).
Width: between 6cm (2 3/8″) and 10cm (4″).
Most usable area will have an average width of about 7 to 8cm, but the tail end can sometimes be only 3.5cm.

Length: between 40cm (15 3/4″) and 55cm (21 5/8″).
Width: between 7cm (2 3/4″) and 10cm (4″).
It will be less likely that there is a small tail end and it often has a wider usable area (average width of 8 to 9cm).

Length:  between 50cm (19 3/4″) and 60cm (23 5/8″).
Width: between 10cm (4″) to 15cm (5 7/8″).
Most of this size of carp will have a width of at least 10cm giving a large useable area. Some of the leather in this category will even have a width of 20cm at its widest part.


The salmon skin leather is available in the sizes small and medium. Salmon leather tends to have a long shape, but is often less wide than the other species. The length of both small and medium salmon leather will be between 50cm (19 5/8″) and 60cm (23 5/8″).

Salmon Fish Leather Size

Width: up to a maximum of 7cm (2 3/4″).
Most usable area will have an average width of about 4 to 5 cm, but the tail end can sometimes be only 3cm.

Width: between 8cm (3 1/8″) and 10cm (4″).
The most workable area of this size will be about 6 to 7cm.


Perch has generally a larger usable area than most other fish species thanks to it’s width, which can be up to 20cm! Also is it less likely that the ends are small. Perch is available in medium and large.

Perch Fish Leather Size

Width: between 12cm (4 3/4″) and 16cm (6 1/4″).
Length: between 32cm (1ft 1/2″) and 50cm (19 5/8″).

Width: between 17cm (6 3/4″) and 20cm (7 7/8″).
Length: between 36cm (14 1/8″) and 65cm 25 2/4″).