New Glazed and Suede Tilapia Leather are Now Online!

New Glazed Tilapia Leathers and Suede Tilapia Leathers¬†are now available. The new leathers include some colours we haven’t offered on our shop before, such as grey and dark turquoise glazed leather. In the suede leather collection you can now also find a beautiful natural white spotted leather, and black leathers. Most of the colours we previously offered are now back in stock again as well.

It is not surprising that tilapia leather is currently our best selling product, as it is easy to work with, and really shows of the beauty of the fish leather scale pockets. Tilapia is available in a variety of colours, and has a very high quality neat finish. It is the perfect leather for anyone you want to start using fish leather.

In the near future we will also be offering undyed tilapia crust, which will still require to go through a tanning process. More information about this leather will follow in mid-July.

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