New Glazed Nile Perch Fish Leathers

We have added Nile Perch Leather to our glazed leather section in our shop. Glazed Nile Perch Leather is a very smooth and shiny leather, which is somewhat thinner (and therefor easier to work with) than suede Perch leather. We have a variety of colours available, but mainly dark colours, such as dark red, dark green, burgundy, bordeaux and blue. You can find all the colour and size options for Glazed Nile Perch Leather here.

The scale pockets of Glazed Perch Leather are still visible on this leather, but the texture is completely glazed and therefor smooth. If you prefer to feel some of the texture and yet have a glossy look, I would recommend using Glazed Tilapia Leather. An advantage of Nile Perch Leather is it’s larger size in width, creating a larger working area.

More glazed leathers will follow for Carp and Salmon leather this week. If you like to stay informed, please follow us on Google+ or facebook.

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