Frequently Asked Questions

In the following text you will find the frequently asked questions, and we will provide useful links to other parts of the site where more information can be found.

What is Fish Leather?
Fish Leather is made from the actual skin of different fish species. Read more about this here:

Where can I find the fish leather products currently available?
All the suede leather currently available:
All the glazed leathers currently available:

Where are you based, and how does the delivery work?
We are based in the UK, and all the delivery information can be found here:

Who is the Fish Leather Company?
We are a small home run supplier of fish leather. Read more about our story here:

Why do some people regard fish leather as ‘eco-friendly’?
Read a short article about the eco aspect of fish leather:

How do I buy fish leather or how do I receive samples?
Due to the sheer amount of interest in fish leather we can no longer provide free samples (we would have to cut up hundreds of leathers that toke months to make). Therefor we decided not to set a limit to the amount of leather you buy, so buying one leather is absolutely fine.

Can I return fish leathers after a purchase?
It is possible to return leathers after the purchase and receive a refund, but the shipping costs will be for the purchaser. All products come with a detailed description so we recommend you to read all the information provided. We also like to point out that the colours in the pictures can look different depending on the screen you are using.

How do I purchase fish leather?
You can add on any of the fish leathers you find on our site to your basket and check out when you are ready. We use Paypal as the main payment system. You can either use a debit or credit card to pay for your order, or you can use a Paypal account if you have one. We do not charge any extra costs for using Paypal.

Why can I not do purchases by phone?
We are a small online shop, and believe that the security of buyers is most protected through online payments by Paypal. We understand that some customers are used to making orders of companies by phone, but there is a serious privacy risk when doing so. Using Paypal means that the company you are purchasing from has no access to your bank details. Online shopping is therefor a much saver alternative. Also be aware that when you place an order using Paypal, you are protected by Paypal as a buyer, and they will always help you if anything goes wrong with an order.

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