Suede Carp Fish Leather

Suede Carp is a somewhat rough looking type of fish leather with scale pockets that differ in size and shape. The scale pockets also have a ravelled or frilled look and the edges of the scale pockets are often have a slightly darker colour as pictured below. I personally love this type of fish leather as it can be used to create a more rough and natural look.

Carp leather is ideal for application in bigger items as the scale pockets are much larger than salmon and perch, typically around 2cm by 1cm. Carp leather is remarkably strong and can be great on its own when made into a wristband for example. The carp leather sold here has been responsibly sourced from the Spirit River in Iowa.

Suede Carp Leather is available in a wide variety of colours and three different sizes that are described in further detail in our size classification.

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