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Fish Leather A Non-Wastage Material

Fish Leather is often regarded as an eco-friendly material, but why is this exactly? The term ‘eco-friendly’ can be best described as an attempt to create or do something which has very little to no impact on the environment. Fish leather in itself is not eco-friendly, it is the process from sourcing to tanning that can be described […]

Undyed Carp Leather Crust

The process of making fish leather out of fish skins, is long and complicated, and requires  skills and knowledge. There is a strong secrecy surrounding the tanning methods used by the main fish leather manufacturers, as a strong yet soft leather is not easy to make at all. As a full time crafter, I would […]

New Glazed Nile Perch Fish Leathers

We have added Nile Perch Leather to our glazed leather section in our shop. Glazed Nile Perch Leather is a very smooth and shiny leather, which is somewhat thinner (and therefor easier to work with) than suede Perch leather. We have a variety of colours available, but mainly dark colours, such as dark red, dark […]

New Size Glazed Tilapia: Extra Large

We have added a size classification for extra large to the glazed tilapia leathers section in our shop. The leathers are significantly larger than most of the tilapia leathers you can find. The great advantage of this is that it can be used for larger applications, without seems. I believe that these extra large leathers are ideal […]

Opening of Ebay Shop and Google+

eBay Shop About a week ago we have opened an eBay shop to reach a larger amount of people from different parts of the world. It is noticeable that some of our recent customers never heard of fish leather until they came across our products on eBay. Part of our stock (most of the tilapia […]

Glazed Tilapia Online!

We are happy to announce that we have expanded our collection of fish leather with a new stunning glossy tilapia leather. This glazed leather is now available in three different sizes and a large variety of colours. This glazed leather has a glossy layer on top of the fish skin that is somewhat easier to […]