About Us

The Fish Leather Company was started as we found there was a lack of affordable fish leather products and no websites focused on supplying the raw fish leather material to individual craftspeople as opposed to larger workshops.

We’re really excited about this rediscovered material and the possibilities it offers through its unique appearance and its eco-friendly credentials. However, fish leather is still an emerging material and although many top designer brands have started using it, it remains unbeknownst and unobtainable to a majority of people as high prices have so far strangled the market but this needn’t be the case. Through our fish leather jewellery, accessories and craft materials, we hope to give everyone the chance to try it for themselves and experiment with new possible uses for the material.

We operate this company from home in our small chapel in Wales and through buying our products, you’ll be helping us to live our dream lifestyle. We recently moved to the Welsh countryside and with the relaxed pace of life saw this as the perfect opportunity to create our own businesses. Malou started an online shop with hand made jewellery through which she first came across fish leather. Malou makes the finished products we sell and sources the fish leather. Charlie is a self-taught website creator and owner of Homeli¬†and helps run the site here at The Fish Leather Company.